Zurich, February 16, 2022 – The Swiss wealth tech 3rd-eyes analytics has developed an analysis and optimization tool with which the carbon footprint of a portfolio can be recorded, displayed and reduced at strategy and instrument level. The software developed by 3rd-eyes analytics is the only one on the market that calculates the impact of climate change on the development of assets and the financial goals of customers and provides concrete investment alternatives to cushion climate risks.

“Financial service providers have always faced the challenge of developing suitable investment strategies and portfolios for customers that meet both their goals and return expectations,” says Stephanie Feigt, CEO and founder of 3rd-eyes analytics. Climate change is now an additional influencing factor, the effects of which will noticeably reduce the earning expectations of a client portfolio and the attainability of financial goals, such as pensions. “Therefore, client portfolios must be designed to be climate-proof in order to neutralise the negative impact on asset development through climate change,” emphasises Feigt.

The analysis tool for creating climate-resilient investment strategies and portfolios is a further development of the modular advisory software from 3rd-eyes analytics, which presents a realistic picture of the development of assets in real-time and can suggest a customised investment strategy, taking into account the personal goals of a client.

“3rd-eyes analytics is in line with the personalisation trend,” Feigt continues. “Clients are increasingly asking for individual solutions, but this quickly pushes financial advisors to their limits,” says Feigt. “3rd-eyes analytics enables the advisor to offer individual solutions that are in line with the financial goals of their clients and at the same time lead to a CO2 reduction.»

3rd-eyes analytics thus takes on the task of an incorruptible, third pair of eyes on the client portfolio in order to take into account the individual wishes of the client in the context of portfolio optimisation. Renowned banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers have already been won as clients in Switzerland and Germany. “In Germany, we see a high demand for advisory support in connection with climate risks,” explains Feigt. Therefore, the sales activities in Germany were significantly expanded.