To meet the increased client and regulatory demands and continuously improve the internal control processes, 3rd-eyes analytics issues a SOC 2 Level II report on an annual basis. This report provides a high degree of assurance and demonstrates transparency and a stable control environment.

The SOC 2 report is an independent, third-party validation of 3rd-eyes analytics’ design and effective operation of their controls through the reporting period.

SOC 2 reports cover controls of a service organisation relevant for Security, Availability, Process Integrity, Confidentiality and are not limited to financial reporting controls.

The relevant trust services criteria used to evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of the internal control system are set out by AICPA and are aligned with COSO principles.

By delivering the SOC 2 Level II report, 3rd-eyes analytics demonstrates to its clients and their independent auditors that the services provided are performed in a reliable, secure and compliant manner.

A copy of the complete SOC2 Level II report is available to clients on request.