2022 is slowly coming to an end and we can look back at a dynamic year with many noteworthy developments.  “A highlight of the year was the successful implementation and further development of the PAGE analysis model, which calculates the impact of climate change on economic development and thus the influence on asset returns,” explains Stephanie Feigt, CEO and founder of 3rd-eyes analytics. PAGE stands for Policy Assessment of Greenhouse Effects and was originally developed by Chris Hope, Cambridge University, replacing the previously used DICE model. “With the implementation of this new model, we can visualise the impact of climate change on personal wealth in different regions,” Feigt emphasises.

Funding from the Technology Fund of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

The Swiss Technology Fund supports companies in Switzerland that develop innovative products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “We were all the more pleased that 3rd-eyes analytics was selected and has been supported ever since,” Feigt emphasises. “This supports us in further developing technological innovations for managing climate risks and achieving sustainability goals in the area of asset planning and investment advice, and in advancing into new European markets.

Awarded as ESG FinTech 100

“It is also very encouraging that 3rd-eyes analytics was recognised this year as one of the world’s most innovative companies in the field of sustainable investment,” says CEO Feigt. The ESG FinTech 100 is an annual list of the world’s 100 most innovative ESG companies offering solutions for the financial services industry, selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts.

Start of distribution in the USA

Another highlight was the market entry in the USA, which took place at the beginning of June. “Together with our partner Bonsai LLC, we offer registered investment advisors (RIAs) in the USA an advisory and settlement platform to effectively and efficiently distribute annuity products in the USA,” Stephanie Feigt explains.

Expansion of resources in 2022

“In order to meet the diverse challenges, further develop our projects and continuously improve our services, we have increased the team at 3rd-eyes analytics to 35 members in 2022,” Stephanie Feigt. The expansion of the development team in Serbia, as well as the establishment of an additional team in South Africa to support product development, should be mentioned in particular. In addition, the sales team was expanded to better serve the Nordics as well as Great Britain and Benelux. Last but not least, the investment team was also expanded in order to not only realistically plan asset developments and recommendations but also to be able to adapt them promptly to economic challenges and paradigm shifts.