Fintech 3rd-eyes Zurich

Who we are

3rd-eyes is a Zurich based fintech company founded in 2015 with the objective to empower trusted advisors to provide their clients with individual, expert wealth planning and investment advice.

To date, financial advisors had no efficient tools to forecast their customer’s wealth based on the required cash flows to finance their goals. Moreover, advisors did not have a clear overview of their customers’ total wealth, nor had they the possibility to deliver investment recommendations based on their customers values and beliefs, such as sustainable investments.

Our digital solution revolutionises the field of wealth planning and investment advisory by providing the right solutions to the wealth management industry.


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Awards and recognitions

Management Team

The founders and the Management Team members of 3rd-eyes have long experience in wealth and asset management, portfolio construction, asset liability management (ALM), business development and sustainable investing.

Currently, more than 25 experts in quantitative modelling, fund research, marketing, PR, sales and software development work for the success of our Company.

  • Stephanie Feigt

    Stephanie Feigt

    Founder / CEO
  • Marc Mettler

    Marc Mettler

    Head of Business Development
  • Rodrigo Amandi

    Rodrigo Amandi

    Founder / CFO & COO
  • Michael Koschinsky

    Michael Koschinsky



We are looking for dynamic persons of integrity who want to participate in the success of our young Fintech company, and are willing to go the extra mile for this purpose.


We have established strong partnerships with leading firms in the fields of asset liability management, fund research, IT consulting and system integration to deliver best in class services to our clients.