How did you come to work for 3rd-eyes analytics and what convinced you about it?

After many years in large companies in the financial sector, I wanted to get to know a new working environment. Software and Fintech are the topics of the moment and 3rd-eyes analytics is very well positioned with its solution. At 3rd-eyes analytics solutions are developed to fit the customer and address their needs and I find that very inspiring.

 What do you do when you are not working?

I love spending time together with family and friends, road biking and running. I also enjoy, football, but only passively 😉

What is your motivation?

Learning something new every day and broadening my horizon.

What would you like to achieve with 3rd-eyes analytics?

I would like to develop our solution into a standard in wealth management, convince our clients with quality and service, and make professional methods previously reserved for institutional clients accessible to a larger audience.

What was your personal highlight with 3rd-eyes analytics?

I have only started working for 3rd-eyes analytics in January 2020, therefore, it is perhaps a little early for such a summary. However, the collegial and uncomplicated way of dealing with each other, the motivation to achieve common goals and the flexible way of working are highlights for me.

You like to ride your bike. Climbing steep mountains by bike, maybe even in summer temperatures, what’s the point?

It is simply fascinating to see what you can achieve with your own muscle power, both in height and distance…