What convinced you to join 3rd-eyes analytics?

I came across 3rd-eyes analytics by chance when I saw the job advertisement as Marketing Manager on the Internet. Since I am not originally from the financial sector, this was all new territory for me. What convinced me, however, were the people behind 3rd-eyes analytics and the exciting opportunities. I met incredibly talented and motivated people, who want to achieve great things and I knew that I could learn a lot with this company.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I love reading, playing video games and spending time with my family and friends. On weekends you can often find me outside in the fresh air in the Glarner mountains. Either on foot or by bike. Apart from the local landscape, I also crave adventure and I love to travel to distant places on this earth.

What has shaped you in particular?

I can think of a few moments. When I was 16 years old, I participated in a student exchange program and lived in Venezuela for one year. That was a very formative experience for me. I also had the opportunity to work in Ireland, which was incredible, challenging and fun altogether. Finally, four years ago I decided to go on a backpacking trip around the world. For almost a year my backpack and I travelled around the world alone and I was able to make fantastic memories. For example, my trip took me all the way to Antarctica, probably the most fascinating place on earth.

Where can you be found when you are not at work?

Not in Zurich 😊 I am a country bumpkin through and through. I grew up in the Glarnerland and love this little corner of the world. No matter if I am on the bike, on foot or at home with a view of the beautiful mountains, when I am not at work, you will most likely find me somewhere in the Glarnerland.

What is your motivation?

I am a curious person who likes to learn new things. Whether privately or professionally, I always try to broaden my horizon.

What was your highlight with 3rd-eyes analytics?

A few things come to mind. Like winning the Aegon Open Innovation Challenge, which was the first project I got to witness from the beginning to the end. I also consider the move to our bigger office a highlight. Finally, I also want to mention our hiking day last year. It was a beautiful day, a marvellous hike and the entire team came together and had fun.