Role: Head Business Development Switzerland


Private: married, 2 children

Why did you choose to join 3rd-eyes analytics?

After many years of working for traditional financial service providers, I made a very conscious decision at the end of 2019 to switch to the Fintech sector. What particularly appealed to me about this industry is its high level of innovation and the omnipresent will to actively shape the financial services of the future. At 3rd-eyes analytics, I was impressed on the one hand by the product that combines traditional financial advice with the latest technology, while focusing on the end customer from A to Z. On the other hand, and this was absolutely crucial, I was convinced by the founders, managing directors and employees – and this was due to their personality, their distinctive innovative spirit and their concentrated wealth of experience.

What motivates you?

I would like to constantly develop myself, to be able to make a difference and to work together with like-minded people towards a common goal. It is a privilege to be able to do this at 3rd-eyes analytics in an agile environment.

Which experience has particularly impacted you?

I was lucky to be able to complete a considerable part of my studies abroad. In addition to an exchange year in the USA during high school, I later had the opportunity to study in Denmark and Belgium for one semester each and to do an internship in the Netherlands. These experiences have helped me to grow in human, cultural and linguistic terms.

What do you do when you are not working?

I am happily married and have two small children, a four-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter. So, it is clear that the family is the centre of attention in my free time and otherwise there is not much time left. Playing with the children and sharing experiences in nature are especially important to me and my wife. I am also a passionate storyteller. Instead of reading out of a book, I like to constantly invent new stories which I tell my son (my daughter is still a little too young for that).

As a balance to my intellectual work, sports have always been very important to me. In the past, the focus was on handball, basketball and athletics. Nowadays, fitness, jogging, mountain biking and skiing are the focus. In addition, diving is a hobby shared by me and my wife, which we enjoy very much, as it combines exercise, nature and travel in an ideal way. For the moment, however, this hobby is put on ice, as our children are still very small.

Does that leave time for friends?

Yes, I take this time very consciously. In addition, 16 years ago the ten of us in my circle of friends founded a club with the aim of going on holiday together once a year. On the occasion of an annual meeting, each member presents a travel destination in the most creative way possible. Afterwards, a vote is taken: On the one hand, the destination is determined and on the other hand, and this is the highlight of the evening, the best presenter is chosen. For the latter, we have a large challenge cup on which the names of the winners are engraved. When I think back to the 160 or so always very entertaining presentations and the many experiences we had together, it is something quite unique.

Is there a place that is of particular importance to you?

Even though I was often abroad, I have always been drawn back home. On the one hand, Eastern Switzerland, where I have my roots, is of particular importance to me. What I particularly appreciate about our place of residence, Eggersriet, is the soothing peace, the idyllic landscape and the beautiful view of the Säntis.



But the Valais is also close to my heart. Since my childhood, I have spent at least one week a year in Ernen, a village steeped in history in the Upper Goms. Especially hiking in the Valais Alps is always a breath-taking experience, which we can now share with our children. And after a physically exhausting day, the unique view of the Finsteraarhorn, illuminated by the evening sun, is one of the most beautiful things there is.