How did you come to work for 3rd-eyes analytics and what convinced you? 

Well, I have known Stephanie and Rodrigo for many years. When they founded the company, I was working for Ortec Finance. We were discussing goal-based investing and what would make a software solution in that space special a few times. Stephanie and the team went on launching the company and building their fantastic product as it is today. I stayed in Ortec Finance until the end of August 2020. From September that year, I started my own company delivering business development services based on my network in the Nordics and DACH. Stephanie quickly reached out and we reached an agreement to cooperate. Now, I spend a big part of my time on 3rd-eyes analytics, helping to establish a footprint for their amazing solutions mainly in the Nordics.

What is your personal highlight with 3rd-eyes analytics?

First, I have to say that the solutions 3rd-eyes analytics offers are really amazing. And I can tell, based on eight years of experience in this market. The solution is intuitive, scalable, based on modern architecture and is very easy to understand and use. It offers a lot of functionality while never becoming too complex, which would be harmful for the usage by advisors and/or clients. I am impressed by the speed of thinking and acting of the team, and especially of the development team in Belgrade. Many companies can be jealous of such speedy development, delivering when needed.

Also, a lot of the features that the tooling is offering are very compelling and critical nowadays. Of course, it’s all cloud-based, fast, competitively priced. But, moreover, it encompasses the themes our clients are working on: ESG, climate change scenarios, high-quality calculations, translation into optimal portfolios, customized based on clients wishes.

What do you do when you are not working?

Before Covid times, I used to travel a lot. Up to 100 times a year. Now, since this is impossible, I am spending much more time with my wife and daughter. It’s a real pleasure to be able to spend so much time with them because it was really a lot more limited before. Next to this, I have two important hobbies: wine and golf. I am studying to become a registered wine expert. In the Netherlands, you need to pass four exams for this. I managed two and am working on the third. It is very interesting to study this matter. So much to learn! My previous manager passed the level four exam recently and he put it very nicely: it’s a hard study, a lot of material and details to comprehend, but it is the nicest and most interesting course to take.


I also live very close to the beach in Noordwijk and we have a very nice golf course here. I try to go there as much as I can. It’s nice to empty your head and re-energize.

Landgoed Tespelduyn

What would you like to achieve with 3rd-eyes analytics?

I want to use my network to help 3rd- eyes to grow as a company. We can also exchange ideas on sales, marketing and product development to become the standard in the industry as far as goal-based planning is concerned. Most importantly, I aim to be a part of this amazing team!