Why did you join 3rd-eyes analytics?

I have been working in IT for banks since 1986, including more than 25 years in the corporate environment as project manager for large-scale projects and as CIO in a financial services group. Afterwards, I was active in similar functions – again in the corporate environment – in CIO consulting. What I have always missed – especially in the private banking sector – was a structured consulting solution that based reproducible client recommendations on objective criteria. In 2017 I met the founders of 3rd-eyes analytics and was immediately fascinated by their solution. All the more so as the project was implemented with a comparatively small team in an agile way. This type of solution was exactly what I had been looking for for years as CIO and CIO consultant. The start-up mentality (fast, lean, without administrative and political overhead) also suits me very well.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Sailboat lake Constance

Fortunately, I can share my passions with my wife so the two of us function as a team. We are avid sailors on Lake Constance, and two years ago we decided to get our ocean sailing license. We passed the exams and since last year we have been collecting the necessary miles – mainly in Scandinavia and Scotland. We also take every opportunity to take our boat out on Lake Constance.

Michael Koschinksy Sailing

Outside of the sailing season, we are working on our photographic projects. I have been photographing for most of my life and have specialized in portraits, fashion, theatre and especially dance. In New York, I learned an elaborate flash technique that allows you to “freeze” movements in 1/2’000 seconds. My wife used to be a ballet dancer and still gives professional training for dancers. Therefore, we have access to very good dancers, with whom we stage photo shoots. What fascinates me about dancers is the passion and the energy they invest in this one fleeting moment, of which only memories remain. And they do it neither for money nor for fame, but because they have to.

Koschinsky Photography Chad Levy, Alexandra Karigan

Where can you be found, when you are not in the office?

On the boat or in the photo studio. Sometimes I can be found in the kitchen while cooking.

What is your motivation?

Growing up with the “hacker ethic” of the late 70s and early 80s and the early freeware and Unix versions, I committed myself early on to the Open Banking philosophy. From the very beginning, we have consistently aligned 3rd-eyes analytics with the philosophy of open communication, networking and seamless integration.

What do you want to achieve with 3rd-eyes analytics?

I would like to see 3rd-eyes analytics become THE hub for analytical models in the financial sector.

What was your personal highlight with 3rd-eyes analytics?

To see that the model of open communication, networking and seamless integration is gaining ground and is in demand today among international corporates.