Why did you decide to found 3rd-eyes analytics?

3rd-eyes analytics was created with the goal of revolutionising the field of wealth planning and investment advisory by providing the right solutions to the wealth management industry. There is a big gap in the investment methodologies used by highly professionalised investors such as pension funds or insurance companies and the wealth management industry. We have worked over the past years in developing a solution that enables wealth managers provide superior investment advice based on those methodologies used by professional investors at a fraction of the cost thanks to the use of the state of the art technology.

What do you do when you are not working?

Managing young-growth companies does not leave a lot of time off. Add that to a family with three children and the answer is clear: spending time together with them and my wife.

Where can you be found when you are not in the office?

I try to keep some time just for me when outside of the office and family time. So, you could probably find me on my bike going somewhere uphill (I am really bad at cycling down…), or training some jiu-jitsu moves at the gym.

What do you want to achieve with 3rd-eyes analytics?

My motivation is to create a working atmosphere where employees feel part of our vision and share our mission of delivering excellent quality products to our clients.

What has been your personal highlight at 3rd-eyes analytics so far?

There have been many highlights as we have had smaller or bigger victories all along the different phases of the Company, since its creation to its current growth stage. It is difficult to pick one of it. Perhaps, I would highlight the acquisition of our first client as this confirmed our conviction that we were on the right path.

You enjoy sports, and football in particular. Which is your favourite football club and why?

Originally from Madrid, it is difficult not to be a Real Madrid fan. Perhaps an easy choice but always difficult to accept a season with no titles ????.

You have been living in Switzerland for more than a decade now. What do you find the weirdest, funniest thing about Swiss people?

Still cannot get used about the fact that if you spontaneously propose an after-work beer, Swiss people will first check their agenda for any other appointments they might have… the spontaneous beer generally turns into an appointment for next month!