Why did you decide to join 3rd-eyes analytics?

Coming across 3rd-eyes analytics was pure serendipity. The opportunity not only fit me professionally but also privately, and after 5 years of my life in Switzerland, I could not have imagined finding that.

Since I’ve moved to Switzerland my life has been split into two hardly mergeable parts: Leaving Belgrade and Serbia behind was tough in the beginning.

By getting employed within 3rd-eyes analytics, I found a perfect opportunity to grow as a professional and finally a possibility to coexist in Belgrade and Zurich. With the developer team in Belgrade and 3rd-eyes analytics HQ in Zurich, I was placed right where it fits me the best: Somewhere in between.

What do you do when you are not working?

This genuinely depends on the season and on the weather. I’m a big motorcycle enthusiast. When the weather conditions are desirable I’m on the motorcycle exploring new roads. Switzerland proved to be a perfect country for this since the roads here are pristine. On summer weekends you would probably find me in some of the Alpine passes enjoying the weather and the road curves.

If I’m not on the motorcycle I’m on the mats. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was just a hobby for me in the beginning, just one hour where I can silence my noisy brain for a bit two or three times a week. From a hobby, it became an everyday necessity. It became so important that even when I’m going on a vacation I’m bringing my gi with me. Visiting the local gyms and meeting new people with the same passion never gets boring.

I have gained a lot of positive things learning this martial art, one of those things is also joining the 3rd-eyes team. The first time I heard about 3rd-eyes analytics was when I met Rodrigo in one of our training sessions.

Today I’m a purple belt and getting the black belt in this martial art is one of my life goals and for that, I will need years.

What do you want to achieve with 3rd-eyes analytics and what would you like to see 3rd-eyes analytics become?

The most simple answer to both of these questions is that the 3rd-eyes analytics solutions are globally used and to see it have a positive global effect. Breaking the construct of making a profit vs protecting the planet is a way to go.

What is your motivation?

I guess as most engineers the motivation is simple. A problem is presented in front of you and the solution needs to be made. There can be thousands of solutions. To find the most simple one that solves the problem and it will be self-explanatory. That is the real craftsmanship right there.