We offer the following modules which you can easily customise to your needs:


  • Access personal client data and contact details.
  • Conduct a knowledge and experience check.
  • Conduct risk profiling. This is carried out according to any desired standard. As implementation partner of Behavioural Finance Solutions, we offer behavioural risk profiling according to their latest standard.
  • Select the offering (client journey).
Module Profile
Assets & Goals Module

Assets & Goals

  • Assess your client’s individual wealth situation including loans and non-bankable assets like real estate, private equity, etc.
  • Add pension and other contributions.
  • Identify and enter client’s financial goals, either cash-flow or wealth goals.
  • Incorporate your client’s life events.
  • Analyse the impact of climate change on the clients’ goals and wealth development.
  • Identify the share of wallet and enable cross-/up-selling, e.g. considering the client goals.
  • Receive instant visualisations of the
    • total wealth development based on all assets, liabilities, contributions and outflows in thousands of capital market scenarios.
    • achievement of financial goals based on the current wealth structure / asset allocation in thousands of capital market scenarios.


  • Use our SAA optimiser to improve the strategic asset allocation for each client individually based on the preferred optimisation function:
    • Maximise your client’s probability to achieve the financial goals by optimising against the best bespoke strategic asset allocation, or against a subset of model portfolios/ investment products. Alternatively, select other optimisation functions, e.g. maximise returns, minimise volatility/CVaR.
    • Our Quantitative Modelling Engine immediately forecasts the wealth development based on the optimised strategic asset allocation.
SAA optimisation
Portfolio Modul


  • Portfolio construction can be done on any funds universe defined by our B2B client or based on direct instruments (equities, bonds).
  • Optional integration of model portfolios and recommendation lists.
  • Incorporate your client’s values and beliefs (i.e. ESG, exclusion of certain industries or sectors) to create bespoke investment recommendations.
  • Make sure that you are compliant with MiFID II and FIDLEG.


  • Create automated suitability reports to fully comply with the respective regulation.
  • Generate the required regulatory documentation (e.g. PRIIPs KID).
Reporting Modul
Monitoring Module


  • Monitor goals and investment, and inform the advisor in case of several trigger events.
  • Receive automated reminders when goals are due or rebalancing of the portfolio is required.