3rd-eyes redefines financial planning and digital investment advice.

Our navigation system provides investment advice based on a holistic assessment and a financial planning of your client’s wealth and financial goals.

We apply an Asset Liability Methodology (ALM) otherwise only available to institutional multi-billion euro portfolios.

3rd-eyes recommends funds and ETFs for your clients to invest in based on your client’s personal values & investment criteria and executes them either via a bank partner or via your execution platform of choice.

Select independent modules

  • Financial planning & goals

    Incorporate the clients’ specific financial goals and/or select different financial goals (40 goals grouped into 7 different families – from early retirement to capital preservation). Assess your clients’ financial situation and understand the clients’ current asset structure including real estate, private equity and liabilities, in order to optimise the clients asset structure holistically.

  • SAA & Monitoring

    Improve the goal achievement of your clients significantly and outline the corresponding risk in an easy-to-understand way. Our proprietary optimisation model assesses thousands of different asset allocations in thousands of different capital market scenarios to determine the optimal strategic asset allocation for each of your client individually. Provide new recommendations to clients with changes in goals, asset or capital markets developments.

  • Values, beliefs & individual portfolio

    Incorporate your clients’ personal values (e.g., Environmental, Social and Governance aspects and transparency) as well as your clients’ beliefs (i.e. investment criteria such as rule-based vs. discretionary, ETFs vs. active funds, focus on small mid cap, regions/markets etc.) into the decision- making process allowing for full portfolio customisation.

  • Execution

    Fully comply with your regulatory requirements with the automatic generation of advisory protocols and other relevant documents (e.g. for MiFID II). Execute your clients’ individual investment recommendations with a simple click by connecting our advisory process with your core banking system or your custodian partner.

or white label the entire system

  • Financial planning & goals

  • SAA & Monitoring

  • Values, beliefs & individual portfolio

  • Execution

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Why work with us?

  • Experience in delivering IT projects

  • Incorporates client-specific requirements during the system development

  • Reduced IT cost through a modular approach

  • Monthly fixed fee provides a maximum transparency on cost

  • Lower project risk (e.g., technology, costs & time)

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About Us

3rd-eyes is a financial technology company founded in 2015 that offers digital solutions to banks, investment advisors, insurance and software companies in a fully customisable and highly flexible way.

The 3rd-eyes digital solution or as we call it, our navigation system, provides investment advice based on client’s financial goals and personal values and beliefs in combination with financial planning.

We offer a holistic assessment of the client’s wealth including assets and liabilities, analyse his financial goals and optimise the client’s asset allocation to then recommend a set of financial products (funds and ETFs) to invest in and execute either via our custodian bank partner or via the client’s execution platform of choice.

3rd-eyes applies an Asset Liability Methodology (ALM) otherwise only available to institutional multi-billion euro portfolios.


The founders and management team of 3rd-eyes have long experience in asset management, portfolio construction, asset liability management (ALM), business development and sustainable investing. In addition, more than 20 experts work for the success of 3rd-eyes in quantitative modelling, software development, legal advice, fund research, back office, marketing, PR and sales.

Stephanie Feigt

Stephanie Feigt

Founder / CEO

20+ years of experience in asset management and sustainable investing. Founder of Contrast-Capital; Co-CEO, CIO and Head PM at RobecoSAM; Head Investment Strategy at Clariden Leu, Credit Suisse; Senior Portfolio & Pensions Manager at Siemens.

Marc Mettler

Marc Mettler

Head Business Development

18 years of experience in wealth management transformation and strategic programme management.
Managing Director Senior Advisor at Bank Julius Bär; Project Manager at UBS Wealth Management and Credit Suisse.

Dr. Rodrigo Amandi

Dr. Rodrigo Amandi

Founder / CFO & COO

10+ years of experience in asset management, investment products and indices and sustainable investing. Managing Partner at Contrast-Capital; Managing Director and Senior Analyst at RobecoSAM.

Our common goal is to be a global leading Fintech digital advisory Company. To achieve this goal, we are dependent on people like you.

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