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We believe that everybody should get a realistic picture of their future wealth, discover how to fulfil their dreams, and invest sustainably. Therefore, we empower financial institutions to deliver goal-based investing with realistic and scenario-based asset liability management methods, integrating sustainable investing in all steps of the advisory process. We support the transformation of the wealth management and insurance industry with our modern, interactive and omnichannel advisory solutions. They are white-label, easy to customise and available as Software-as-a-Service or as REST APIs.

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Advisory Suite

The advisory suite empowers financial advisors to deliver goal-based, individual, realistic and sustainable investment and insurance advice to your private and institutional clients.

By taking important life events into account, the solution is not only suitable for banks, wealth managers and family offices, but also for insurance companies.

Select the suitable modules and customise them to your needs. This modular solution allows great flexibility regarding customisation.

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Simple Suite

Provide a straightforward, digital advisory solution to your clients in an easy-to-use way.

Lead them through any advisory process with or without the help of an advisor (omnichannel solution).

Choose which modules you want your clients to access and customise their client journey to their needs.

Mobile App

Allow your clients to access simplified financial planning functionality from any mobile device, e.g. calculation of the pension gap.

Choose the appropriate modules and customise the use cases and the client journey to your needs, e.g. for lead generation.

Quantitative Modelling Engine

Access our intelligence via REST APIs based on modern technology. Design and develop the front-end and the client journey yourself based on your needs.

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