Why did you join 3rd-eyes analytics? What convinced you about 3rd-eyes analytics immediately?

Our beautiful offices ­čśŐ

But mainly it was the unique opportunity to deal with exciting topics, which are often left out elsewhere. For example: what do we know about the long-term development of the capital markets? How does climate change affect the markets? How do we optimise an investment strategy over a long time horizon? How can we integrate tactical opportunities into a long-term investment strategy?

Kinderbuch Felix CsajkaWhat do you do when you are not working?

Reading, playing chess, music and sports.┬áI also enjoy drawing, particularly animals and people. I have created a cookbook with a group of friends and have contributed the pictures to a Finnish childrenÔÇÖs story by Helena Pleinert.

Where do people find you when you are not at work?

On my bike, in the mountains, in the zoo, on Lake Zurich or at a concert.

What is your motivation?

I want to understand the world.

What do you want to achieve with 3rd-eyes analytics?

I want to develop products with 3rd-eyes analytics that have a positive impact. All around the globe!

What was your personal highlight with 3rd-eyes analytics?

The Christmas parties in the Luchador and of course my incredible colleagues in Zurich and Belgrade!

You are an enthusiastic chess player. What is your favourite chess piece and why?

There is no octopus in chess, but there is the octopus knight which sits deep in the enemy camp and causes confusion. It is often stronger than a rook! As with our start-up, on the chessboard the interaction of the pieces is crucial.