Role: Responsible for Business Development, Sales & Marketing


Private: married, 2 children

How did you come to 3rd-eyes analytics and why are you working for 3rd-eyes analytics?

Early summer 2017, I met Stephanie through a mutual friend who advised me to talk to her because of my professional background. At said meeting, I also had the opportunity to meet Rodrigo.

There were several reasons why I finally decided to join 3rd-eyes analytics:

On the one hand, I was convinced of the product when I first saw it in summer 2017 (prototype). On the other hand – especially with small companies – you have to be convinced by the founders. What impressed me was that both of them moved out of their comfort zone after making careers with established companies. I liked this, as I was in a similar situation then: in spring 2017, after nine exciting years, I decided to quit my job to take my time and look for a new challenge.

What motivates you?

For me, it is essential that I constantly develop and reinvent myself. I firmly believe that you never stop learning, whether in your job or privately, for example in sports. The more variety, the better.

What do you do when you are not working?

I have many interests and hobbies. Since I am happily married and we have two children, some of them are deliberately cut short. But essentially, I am always drawn to nature: In the past, acrobatic paragliding was central, as this sport perfectly combines technique, nature and travel.

Some years ago, I gave this up because paragliding is not family-friendly. Ever since, I have come to enjoy extensive mountain bike tours, catamaran sailing, kite surfing, fly fishing, skiing, and photography. Travelling is and remains central.

What was your most impressive experience?

There have been many amazing experiences, especially when paragliding in many different countries. But the most intensive was a 12-day canoe trip in the Yukon towards the end of the Indian Summer. Perfect weather with 22 degrees Celsius at the start and blue skies, but -8 degrees during the first night in the tent. Snow, freezing rain, wolves, bears, lynxes, mooses, bald eagles, perfect fly fishing – we saw it all, we had it all and were completely alone for almost two weeks without any comfort. It is in such moments that you learn to appreciate basic things again.

What do you dream of? What’s on your bucket list?

I have been fortunate to have realised many dreams already. The last one was freediving, something I had wanted to do ever since I was 16 years old and had watched The Big Blue. Nonetheless, many things will probably remain on the bucket list forever. For example, another canoe tour in the far north (Kamchatka, Yukon/Alaska), a mountain bike tour in the Himalayas, kitesurfing at different places around the world. These are the big things. Of course, there are many small things. Let the dreams continue.